BEZAL has been founded by a team of creative and business professionals who have a burden for equipping the local church with media training and tools. Media represents more than merely the church being flashy or even appearing more professional—it is the very essence of visual communication, which is sorely needed in our current culture for outreach with the community and internal communication with the congregation.

The BEZAL team is dedicated to creating innovative content and learning platform to equip pastors, church staff, and volunteers to visually communicate the Scripture and the heart of their pastor with skill to a visual society.


BEZAL is named after Bezaleel, the lead craftsman in the construction of the Tabernacle from Exodus 31–36. He worked across the major creative disciplines of his day for “the service of the sanctuary.” Church media is to bring glory to Christ through a very similar type of service.

He was given direction by Moses (his ministry leader), which is a beautiful picture of a modern church staff member’s relationship with his or her senior pastor. The pastor takes the direction God entrusts to himself and works with the media staff member to execute the creative of visuals to enhance the worship in the sanctuary. Bezaleel had to work closely with ministry leaders to create in a way that was pleasing to God and that properly communicated the heavenly message.

Bezaleel was filled with the Holy Spirit for the work of a cunning craftsman during a time when the Spirit did not regularly inhabit God’s people. He also trained others to help him in the work of design—much like a staff member might have to train a volunteer to run a sound board or help with presentation slides. Bezaleel took no honor for himself but selflessly practiced design to the glory of God.

Meet the BEZAL Team

Keenan Sultanik, MFA, PBD

BEZAL Founder, Professional UX Designer, Bible College Professor

Keenan Sultanik is an accomplished designer and media instructor with a passion for training ministry leaders in media production. He has more than a decade of experience in live stream, design, video, and app development, and has been honored with awards and credentials by Adobe, Apple, and Google. Shortly after earning an MFA in Graphic Design, he founded the Creative Arts Department at a private California Bible college and established an accredited Visual Arts bachelors program. Now he works with churches across the US to train ministry leaders to enhance their media communications.

Adobe Education Leader (AEL)

Keenan Sultanik has been awarded the distinguished title of Adobe Education Leader (AEL) for his work in creative and visual arts education. With only about 300 recipients worldwide, this lifelong title provides exclusive status within the creative education field, access to valuable resources and training opportunities, and support for the BEZAL educational program to further equip church leaders for creative and visual endeavors in ministry.

Adobe Partners by Design Member

Keenan Sultanik has also been named a “Partners by Design” member by Adobe. This prestigious group consists of 83 of the world’s top creative and visual arts professors in higher education and provides BEZAL and its members with access to unique events, beta programs of industry-leading Adobe creative software, and training opportunities. As one of only a few dozen member schools and programs, BEZAL is recognized through Keenan for innovations in creative and visual design in higher education.

Jerry Dunwoody, MBA

BEZAL Operations Director, Boeing 777 Pilot, Former Higher Education Online Learning Director

Former volunteer leader of a group tasked with updating and improving the online programs of a private California Bible college. Jerry worked as a liaison between the college administration, academic leadership, and the media/technical team to facilitate a successful outcome. He also assisted in the development of a new learning management system (LMS) and the recording of over 300 hours of video lectures as a integral part of the online learning experience. Now he is coordinating the marketing and operational efforts of BEZAL along with the professional pursuits of his career as a pilot.