All Access with the BEZAL Pro Membership

Designed as a complete church media support package for your ministry’s team, everything BEZAL has to offer is included in a predictable, easily budgeted monthly subscription.

All Access Pass to Courses

Learn the technical and creative skills needed to communicate visually through self-paced courses designed for maximum practicality

Exclusive Q&A Sessions

Each quarter, Pro Members are invited to an exclusive video call where our experts will discuss current church media trends and provide an opportunity for Q&A

Personalized Consulting

Pro Members who pre-pay for either 6 months or a year at a time will receive bundled personalized consultation hours with our church media experts

Exclusive Q&A Sessions

Field questions and get answers to your ministry’s specific issues from our team of church media experts, or simply learn from answered questions of other Pro Subscribers. These sessions will be conducted by invitation only over Zoom, so you can log in at your convenience.
Included in Pro Membership

Included 1:1 Consulting

Once in a while, everyone needs personalized help. For Pro Subscribers who commit to a period of six months or more, an amount of personalized consulting is included so that you can pick up the phone to call or text our team questions or get help with a specific technical problem your ministry may be experiencing. This could be in the form of troubleshooting a problem, getting a recommendation on an equipment purchase, or advice on deployment strategy for your church’s next big tech upgrade.
Included in Pro Membership

Join the BEZAL Pro Membership

One predictable monthly subscription gives your entire church access to all of BEZAL’s self-paced courses, including future courses yet to be released; exclusive question and answer sessions with church media experts; and, for members who pre-purchase 6 months or more, consulting hours offering personalized media strategy, system design, and troubleshooting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

If these do not answer your specific question, please reach out and contact us. We would love to discuss your situation and how we could help!

Where did the name BEZAL come from?

BEZAL is named after Bezaleel, the lead craftsman in the construction of the Tabernacle from Exodus 31–36. He worked across the major creative disciplines of his day for “the service of the sanctuary.” Church media is to bring glory to Christ through a very similar type of service. Check out our About page for more detail.

How do the Q&A sessions work?

Question and answer sessions with live discussion take place every quarter through the year. Email your questions to for the next live session!

What new courses are coming next?

You can see future courses listed here.

Who can use BEZAL?

Anyone can! If you are a solo pastor, a church staff member, or a volunteer, BEZAL can help train anyone in your church team.

How does the pricing structure work?

Churches can pay for an individual course, or pay for a monthly subscription for access to all content for a six month minimum.

What can I expect from the newsletter?

This free church media newsletter will focus on a variety of topics, including training videos, podcasts, and articles on church media.

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